Unfortunately, life sometimes gives us pain as well as pleasure. The important thing is the ability to return to pleasure. And so our topic today is the Art of Pleasure, which includes self-pleasuring, self-care, and, oh yes, masturbation.

Warning: We will be sharing parts of our Pussypedia. It’s going to be delicious grown-ass adult fun!

We find our gorgeous selves living in a slightly mad world today, and there are infinite reasons life could sometimes feel like too much to deal with. Returning to the Art of Pleasure is now more important than ever.

No matter your situation, the Art of Pleasure is available to you if you open to it, and it’s a beautiful, magical thing. Women rarely chat about pleasure, despite the fact that sex apparently crosses our minds frequently. The Art of Pleasure includes self-pleasuring or masturbation, but it’s layered and its limits go far beyond that.

While masturbation is the lust side, the Art of Pleasure is the self-love side, when you ask, ‘What delights me? What gets me juicy?’

It’s about staying in touch with pleasure in life and reminding yourself about the feeling of joy in your body, whether it be through attention from your partner, self-pleasuring, or even the simple act of taking a bath and feeling the silken suds over your skin. It’s all about remembering to feel good!

For years, I felt shame around my joy for beauty and pleasure. I wanted to hide myself and my Thatched Cottage from the world, ignore and hide my desires like they were indulgent and wrong, like they made me bad and useless. The truth is, I was hiding my joy away from the world, people-pleasing instead of self-pleasing my Love Taco. She was hungry and missing all the juicy ways she could have fun with me. I was way too serious and pretty miserable because of it. Now me and my Honey Pot have a sweet life!

I used to feel shame about my body and pleasure. When I was young, I discovered my Vajajay and was starting to explore Her when a family member dropped into my room and made me feel terrible about exposing my Cherry and touching Her ‘inappropriately’. It was my first time hearing it was wrong to love on my Wildfire Cat. Sadly, it took until well into my adult years to learn to fill my Lady Pocketbook with jewels of joy, love and appreciation.

How do you decompress the taboo around this juicy and vital topic?

We think it starts within. Self-exploration, self-understanding, and appreciation for pleasure are your birthrights.

This is nothing to do with getting your bits out and dancing naked on an InstaLive — unless you want to! This is about letting joy unfold in your body, sharing that vibrant feeling and then doing it again.

We suggest repeating the things which bring you pleasure, just for yourself for a while, and then spreading that joy around. Learn how to love yourself and make love to yourself, rather than relying on another person in your life and only letting yourself receive pleasure from them.

Take matters into your own hands (wink) and learn to pleasure yourself, rather than leaving it to your partner to please you physically. By first allowing yourself physical pleasure, you can uncover how joyful ALL of life can be. Even if your partner is wondrous at pleasing you, if you so desire, you can always take care of yourself. This serves as a reminder that you can embrace pleasure in all parts of your life.

So, how can you incorporate more pleasure in your life? Again, this is more than just sexual.

  • Write a list of things that bring you joy and start to acknowledge pleasure in your life.
  • Appreciate your delicious body, love on Her, touch and give gratitude for your physical form and all She does for you. Mirror work is amazing here: yes, go look at your Poonani and get to know Her.
  • Take an hour — or a whole day! — to treat yourself and start to learn your body’s needs and desires. This one is particularly fun and delicious if you can be open and playful with yourself.

This is your invitation to thoroughly explore pleasure in healthy, loving and fun ways — whatever that looks like for you — and embrace the Art of Pleasure in every part of your juicy life!

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