Your Magic Moontime, Part 2

Last week we discussed the magic of your cycle and connection to the moon. Now, you’re going to go deeper and learn more about how each phase of your cycle can be used in the most magical and best possible way.

During this time, you may find yourself feeling outgoing and upbeat, full of new ideas and enthusiasm. You may feel happy to help others, or want to organise your house. This is a time for expressing yourself in the outer world.

In the middle of your cycle, you may find yourself more open to new ideas and people, more ‘fertile’, in all ways. You might also find that your sexual desire reaches its peak, and your body will secrete pheromones into the air that make you more attractive to others. (No surprise here that our patriarchal society values this part of our cycle, and we internalise it and think of this as the ‘good’ part of our cycle.)

You might feel more empowered, switched on and present, able to get things done. Also, you might feel sparkly and outgoing, a bit like Superwoman!

Can you just imagine what you could manifest in your life and business if you were strategic and planned things for this part of your cycle!!

And now on to the part of your cycle that is less honoured by society…

During this time, you might feel reflective and introspective. You can use this time to look back on what you’ve built and reflect on the challenging parts of your life that might need changing.

This is the time to withdraw from social activities and the outer world, a time to go within.

This time can also be referred to as ‘seeing in the dark’. In our overly rational culture, you might tend to be unaware of and block the flow of information that comes to us unconsciously from the moon during our period or when we are premenstrual.

This lunar information is intuitive and reflective, coming to you in dreams, your emotions, and your hungers. It comes under cover of darkness and often with little rational thinking, based on feelings and hunches.

Studies have shown that women’s dreams are more frequent and vivid during the premenstrual and menstrual phases of our cycles.

If you regularly block the information that comes to you in the second of your cycle, it can come back as menopausal madness or PMS. This is the same as how ignored feelings and bodily symptoms can often result in illness.

You’ve most likely learned to hide, ignore, or have negative thoughts about your cycle. Being comfortable in this dark space and trusting the knowledge you get from it is how you tap into the magic of your cycle.

I’m sure you’ve heard, ‘You’re being moody,’ ‘You’re PMSing,’ or ‘Is it that time of the month?’ These comments can feel demoralising; they can irritate you or make you feel powerless. But how about instead you treat yourself kindly and give yourself this time to access the deep wisdom of this part of your cycle?

This phase is when you are most connected to your intuition and able to identify what needs changing in your life. If you listen to your inner voice and respond with care and action, you have the opportunity to grow and be inspired every month. Talk about a superpower!!!

These first few days of your cycle are the time to go really deep. For me, I feel like an ocean is moving through me … literally like water all around me. I feel intensely reflective and I relish this mystical witchy power of my moon time. Sometimes I feel like I’m psychic when I’m menstruating — I’ll wish for something, and it will happen. Or I’ll think of someone I’m missing, and they’ll call. I only really notice pain if I’m having a hard time letting go of something in myself emotionally from the month before.

Imagine how in flow and in sync your life could be if you used this knowledge of your cycle and rode the wave throughout each month. You could plan your month according to your cycle, you could connect with people more fully, and your life would have far fewer struggles. You can start to do this by downloading an app to track your cycle, and making notes of how you’re feeling throughout the month.

Once you learn to comfortably cruise through your cycle and use it for the superpower it is, rather than fighting against yourself all the time, watch your life become more flowing and juicy, easy and delicious. Which is how a Queenly life should be!

Queens helping other Queens claim their crowns!