Queens mean business.

As a woman, your emotions, feelings, and desires (or as we say, your EFD) are ever-present, meaning you feel everything that’s going on, sometimes more intensely than others. If you want to feel fed and nourished by your life and how you express yourself in the world, make sure you’re connected to your EFD. That way, when the SHTF, you’re ready for anything. This leads to the question, “How do I express my EFD productively for both myself and my business?” To start, it’s good to identify your Queenly characteristic that support you in your life and business. Yup, it’s time to explore more of your Queenly superpowers!

History is on your side — it seems our ancestors were more aware of the power of women than we are today!

Teany: A few years ago, I went on a vacation to Greece. It was such an amazing, cathartic experience, to both learn about the rich history, culture, and people and to spend some quality alone time with myself. One of the most beautiful things I learned was at my visit to the Parthenon. You would think the Parthenon is full of statues and buildings erected (ahem) for the male Gods. There were some, but the most well-known temple built in Athens was made for Athena, the Patron Goddess of Wisdom. Take a moment to digest that. A female Goddess, not of creation, birth, homemaking, etc., but of wisdom. It seems that females and Goddesses were revered for things other than childbearing, and Athena is an example of this. She gave the people of Athens the gift of an olive tree, which is used to this day as a symbol of wisdom and peace, and it also provided wood, oil, and food for survival.

This segues perfectly into today’s topic, which is the practical uses of your superpowers and inner wisdoms as a Lady Queen. Some of these could be characteristics that you may have overlooked regarding their usefulness in the world of business, and some may be completely obvious.

Fabulous Female Fortés That Serve Business/Entrepreneurship:

  • Strong communication skills; social and emotional intelligence

Companies are starting to recognise the importance of emotional intelligence as a soft skill.

“Social skills are now extremely important more than even analytical or physical skills. Intelligence, curiosity, creativity, adaptability, resilience and critical thinking are most highly valued.” (Pew Research)

Curiosity, creativity, and adaptability… sounds like a Lady Queen, right!?

  • Great listeners; patient

Have you ever stopped to think how much time women spend listening? Women listen to each other, to partners, to children, to everyone. Listening is a lot more powerful than many people realize! Bruce Lee once said, “The most dangerous person is the one who listens, thinks, and observes.” Queenly attributes all the way.

When it comes to patience, we say time is the great revealer. When you’re both patient and a great listener, you’ll find yourself with a crown squarely on your beautiful head. You’ll have access to your wisdoms, which means you are able to …

  • Ask for help, find alternatives, be flexible

And when you get really wise, you…

  • Create companies that balance work/life

And that, my dear Lady Queen, is how you begin to change the world. Women are both rising in rank in the corporate environment and opening more business than ever right now. Once you’re in your business-zone, you can…

  • Collaborate, honour those around you, and stay curious about other’s ideas

And that is how you build Queendoms. Then you can…

  • Take better calculated risks, trust your inner knowing or intuition

Teany: In the Pixar movie, Incredibles 2, the mom in the story had the opportunity to be the heroine and there was an interesting reason why. Turns out her husband, Mr. Incredible, was quite destructive in his method of saving people, while buildings were torn down, private property ruined, and city streets totalled. The idea was to have Mrs. Incredible be the heroine because ultimately, she was far less of a liability, taking calculated risks, and seeing the bigger picture in her approach to saving the world. Seems like they did their research as those are definitely female qualities that support communities and society as whole!

  • Multi-tasking — ability to handle multiple tasks, and multiple roles at home and in any organization

Lady Queen, obviously you can multi-task, but instead of piling everything on your plate, a Queen knows how to delegate (hey, that rhymes!) Queens are also great in leadership roles, in addition to doing things at home.

Teany: I can speak from personal experience that some of the best Bosses I’ve ever had have been women, especially if they have their Lady Queen crown on, rather than trying to manage like men.

  • A Visionary Queen has the ability to see the details in everything. She can understand the big picture, which allows her to see all potentialities so as to plan and adapt for the future.

This is the kind of big picture thinking that saves societies and supports long term visions for a family or a business.

You’re probably aware that more and more women are Queening it in the world of business. Heck yes!! According to statistics, women are responsible for 90% of all purchases (hey, we love shopping) and the number of female entrepreneurs is growing every day. Lady Queens, you hold a lot more power than you realise — and it’s time to own it! Everyone cheer, “Hail the business Queens!”

Here’s to claiming, embodying, and bringing pleasure to our businesses!

Stay connected, juicy, and playful, Lady Queens!

Love, Savannah and Teany




Queens helping other Queens claim their crowns!

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All About the Queendom

All About the Queendom

Queens helping other Queens claim their crowns!

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