How to Queen It in Your Business

Lady Queen, did you know your Pussy, cycle, and pleasure can be used to heighten your productivity in business? Wild, right? If you’ve been with us for a while, you know all about the importance of your monthly cycle. (If you’re no longer bleeding/have never bled, you’ll still be tuned to the moon as a cycle, and the moon has those same phases as a period, so you can tune in to that.) Generally, your cycle is thought of as a burden but it’s so much better than that — it’s actually a fabulous gift! Yes, it’s true! Like an ice cream maker, bread maker, or rice cooker, that does everything for us — tasty delicious! — your cycle makes magic happen for you, if you know how to use it to your advantage! If you listen to your cycle, you’re able to reconnect to yourself and put things in the best possible order in your life, lining you up for the most rocking Queenly outcome! You connect to your intuition, your inner knowing when you tune in to your cycle. If you fail to tune in, your cycle can feel like a burden, and you feel lost or overwhelmed, like a sad little street urchin in your own life. Your cycle can give you energy to be at your most productive, in life and in business, making you feel like the awesome Queen you are! So, which do you choose — peasant or Queen? Sure, being a peasant can be pleasant but being a Queen is full-on pleasure!

To review, your monthly Queenly cycle has a guideline of best practices for life and business, based on which week of your cycle you’re in.

· Spring — organization, energy rising, implementing plans

· Summer –action, outgoing, creating

· Autumn — winding down, detail-oriented, finishing off tasks

· Winter — introspection, resting, planning

When you’re making plans, it’s helpful knowing when in your cycle you’re best suited to different tasks, right? (You’re welcome.) When you understand your cycle, you’ll learn when you can feel your deepest pleasure and high-energy days, and when you’re better off resting and keeping things simple. This knowledge is so valuable when it comes to day-to-day life. So it should come as no surprise that this knowledge is absolute gold when it comes to how to express your energy in your business/work! Instead of just enjoying that one high-energy week a month, you can ride the wave of your cycle and stay in pleasure all month long, both in life and in your business. Of course, pleasure and life and pleasure in your business/work can feel like two very separate things. But, Lady Queen, once you get your feminine juices flowing, pleasure can saturate all areas of your life equally. And this is something you can choose to do. It just takes patience and allowing yourself the time to tune in to your cycle.

Once you’ve been looking at your cycle for some time, you’ll start instinctively knowing when to be more “in” and the moments to be more “out” in life and business. It’s far too easy to get impatient with yourself, trying to force yourself to be “out” when you’re actually at an “in” time in your cycle, so remind yourself to trust the process and listen to your Queenly wisdoms. During these times, practice being kind to yourself, have self-compassion and allow yourself to rest. Have a “duvet day” instead of forcing yourself to be productive or socialise. Try to stop your mind from making decisions, and let your body have the chance to tell you what she needs. We’ve basically been trained to do the opposite of this, so it might take some practice, but keep at it — you’re worth it. Remember, while action does create change, allowing yourself to be still and reflect during your “in” time is equally as essential. This stillness will allow you to tune in and trust your intuition, which in turn means you can build momentum and connect to your Queenly resourcefulness — which you, as a woman, have an abundance of!

Your Queenly wisdoms can tap in to so much information — even though you have no idea of the exact detail, you’ll have the bare bones to build something. By trusting and allowing yourself to follow your intuition, you’ll soon find yourself building a life beyond your wildest dreams. Perhaps at the beginning, you’ll only see the first petal of a flower, but over time it will bloom to become the breathtaking flower of your Queendom.

So, say it with us: Less push, more pleasure!

To recap:

Spring is a good time for implementing our Queenly plans and getting organized.

Summer is the ideal for meeting new clients and taking action on projects.

Autumn is perfect for doing invoices, dotting i’s crossing t’s, dealing with contracts.

Winter is a great time for planning.

Of course, you may find it difficult to just snap your finger and suddenly plan everything around your cycle right away. Start by simply paying attention to where you’re at in your cycle. When you have a greater awareness of your cycle, you’re able to map out what tasks you should schedule for different parts of your cycle, and you can start to plan accordingly. Soon, you’ll be flowing through each month with grace and ease, like the true Queen you are!

Honor your Queenly cycle and trust your process. Keep moving just one step at a time — your Queenly wisdoms will give you the next step every time!

Stay connected, juicy, and playful, and flowing with pleasure!

Love, Teany and Savannah




Queens helping other Queens claim their crowns!

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All About the Queendom

Queens helping other Queens claim their crowns!

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